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  •  SOLD  1980 Ibanez JP20
    A Heartful Tribute to Joe Pass
Happy to introduce you a supreme Japan vintage Joe Pass JP20 by Ibanez. Marketed only between 1981 and 1990, JP20 should be a quintessential collection to any jazz guitar lovers or Ibanez hollow body seekers (having said, your missing puzzle of Ibanez jazz guitars will be complete when you have John Scofield’s JSM, Pat Metheny’s PM, Lee Ritenour’s LR and George Benson’s GB).

When Ibanez teamed up with Joes Pass as endorser, the intent was to produce a modestly priced full hollow body, modeled after D'Aquisto and partly ES-175 of Gibson, but with more improved response, playability and comfort. Co-designed by UK archtop maven Maurice Summerfield, JP20 features bookmatched flame maple, ebony fretboard, wider nut and length in an effort to accommodate articulate expression on jazz solo. Also impressive is Joe Pass’s name being engraved in the 21st fret inlay.

Few guitarists made as big a contribution to jazz guitar history as Joe Pass. His versatility and virtuoso play of improvisation and chord melody, when with duo/trio/quartet or as a soloist, is by far the best out of the entire jazz guitarists that ever existed. That said, owning a JP20 can be thought of as a way to pay tribute to one of the greatest jazz players. If you agree with this, the near perfect condition of the showcasing guitar where the colorized bindings and missing pickguard rather fits in a graceful and nostalgic vintage class of the instrument, will even more delight you.