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  •  SOLD  2018 Ibanez JSM-100
    The Very John Scofield Guitar
Guitarist John Scofield has blazed a fearless trail, moving effortlessly in and out of bop, fusion, rock, funk, blues, and soul. Since becoming an Ibanez signature artist in 2001, John’s trusted JSM100 has been at the ready, waiting for the next adventurous musical turn in the road.

The photos below are more than enough to tell you excellent condition of this lovely instrument. This 2018-made beauty has hardly any sign of wear, dent, crack or whatsoever. Not to mention, sound and playability is second to none. A sample tune is shared here which I played with this guitar. It was much a fun experience, and honestly I am still hesitating to let this beauty go.

  • The JSM100 VT is made in Japan by our most experienced luthiers
  • Faithful digitized reproduction of the body and neck of John’s original Ibanez AS200
  • Compound radius fretboard features maximum playing comfort for rhythm and solo
  • Soundblock and a rigid top and body reject feedback
  • Super 58 pickups produce a classic, warm, and versatile tone, perfect for all genres