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  •  SOLD  1982 Ibanez LR-10
    Designed for and by Lee Ritenour
LR-10 is one of Ibanez's five 335 signature masterpieces, along with JP-20 (after Joe Pass), PM-100 (Pat Metheny), GB-10 (George Benson), and JSM-100 (John Scofield). In compasion to the rest of models, LR-10 is definitely more toward jazz fusion sound / playability. The LR special pickups Super 58 plays warm tone with longer sustain.

Lee Ritenour himself was a huge fan of this guitar and played it many of his lives in 1980's. It can also be heard exclusively on his album 'Rit', where he added stronger elements of pop, while keeping with his distorted sound.

Speaking of the maintenance, this guitar stays 32 years in good shape. Front / rear body / pickup / knobs are in excellent condition, whereas the binding wear along the body, a bit of fret wear, and dent on the rear neck marks down a bit. Lastly, the body timber around the jack outlet was damaged so I covered it with a plate. Sound-wise, there is no issue.

This guitar is to be shipped with original hardshell case.