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  •  SOLD  1982 Ibanez LR-10
    Designed for and by Lee Ritenour
If you own the Ibanez’s jazz master signature models, i.e. JP-20 (after Joe Pass), PM-100 (Pat Metheny), GB-10 (George Benson), or JSM-100 (John Scofield), the showcasing LR-10 definitely needs to be sit next to your collections. For the namesake, LR-10 named after Lee Ritenour, is apparently designed more toward at jazz fusion sound and playability. A quick evidence - the LR special pickups Super 58 sounds warm with longer sustain.

Lee Ritenour himself was a huge fan of this guitar and played it many of his lives in 1980's, exclusively on his album 'Rit' - where he added stronger elements of pop, while keeping with his distorted sound.

Speaking of the maintenance, this guitar stays 40 years in elegant shape. Cosmetic-wise, ivory bindings are worn at moderate level, and there are signs of oxidation on tail piece and bridge. Truss rod is adjusted for least curvature but I leave to you the further swing. So here is the conclusion: for a jazz/rock fusion player, you will be regretting for long if you miss out the chance of encountering this masterpiece.