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  •  SOLD  1983 Ibanez LR10
    Designed for and by Lee Ritenour
Jazz/rock fusion guitarists, you are now watching one of the finest LR10 I've ever found. Made by Fujigen in 1983 (manufacture year dating - combination of the first digit 8 and last digit 3 out of the serial number L800453. L in the serial number obviously refers to Lee Ritenour), this guitar survived almost over 4 decades with very little signs of aging, apart from the moderate level of ivory binding wear, particularly the metal parts where no oxidation has occurred at all, which made me wonder, maybe the guitar has been breathing inside the case only, never played by a shy guitar learner...

Interestingly, this guitar has custom configuration of pickups - having Super 58 on the neck and Gibson PAF on the bridge end. Not to mention, you want to turn on Super 58 to express jazzy warm tone with long sustain, and boost bluesy and crunchy sound by PAF.

Additional words - as an Ibanez hollow body fan, your guitar collection must include JP20 (Joe Pass), PM100 (Pat Metheny), GB10 (George Benson), JSM100 (or AS200, John Scofield), and finally, El Arl Ten.