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  •  SOLD  1990 Ibanez RG550
    Most popular rock guitar made ever
Introducing original Ibanez RG550 RF in great vintage condition and beautiful color finished. One of the famous Ibanez series, RG550 is an RG series electric guitar model first introduced in 1987.
It was the first model in RG series, featuring the new body shape specially designed for the Ibanez JEM shape and what also would become the standard RG shape.
RG550 was introduced as a more affordable alternative for the Ibanez JEM777. Like JEM777, RG550 has a basswood body with the new body shape, a thin maple neck and the Edge tremolo.

Speaking of the condition, I don’t see major crack, ding, dent or chip for this 24 year-old guitar. 2 spots of 0.5cm lacquer wear on the right side body bottom, playmarks by darkened fretboard, and possibly refinished cutaway edge are all I can find. Detailed photo are taken for the stated area but you may request magnified picture if you need further verification.

I am frequently asked about the color of this guitar. Initially I believed it was Road Flare Red but a few comments made by watchers, saying it should be closer to either Alarm Red, Lipstick Red, or Candy Red. I even called Japan Hoshino Gakki (manufacturer of Ibanez guitars) but their response was they started to register serial numbers around 1996 and there was no record left for this 1990 model. Sorry but I leave naming the color to your judgment.