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  •  SOLD  1978-1985 Kawai Moonsault MS-1000
    Most exotic guitar in the world
Excited to introduce a bizarre but highly creative Japan vintage, Moonsault from Kawai music. Kawai is better known for its impeccable pianos, but here is quick story behind how this weird shaped guitar was born - 1970 sees Apolo 11 landed at the moon and surely inspired Japanese instrument makers, one of which was Kawai, hence the moon as the body , stars on the fretboard, moonlight inlay and silver burst were reflected on their guitar craftsmanship.

So why is it named Moonsault? Funny enough, back in 1972 Munchen Olympic, then gymnast Tsukahara won gold meal by showcasing his unique somersault as if he was rolling in the space. Combining the age of moon expedition and nationally proud somersault leads to the name of the MoonSault. With this historic naming, Kawai enjoy highly acclaimed responses from the market for the next 15 years and finally discontinued Moonsault production in 1985 but I see a few of 40 year anniversary models on the market.

To speak of exclusive features of this guitar, B.C.Rich style preamp and active circuit boosts output. 4 switches apart from pickup selector, turns preamp on/off, applies distortion, toggles coil tap and enables phase, in order from the top down to bottom. Guitar is still in excellent condition. De-colorization around the binding rather harmonizes graceful aging. Please note the trussrod cover is replaced.