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  •  SOLD  1988 Orville ES
    Triumphant US / JP Collaboration
An elegant Orville by Gibson (ObG) ES on sale. A quick introduction on ObG - a Gibson's sub-brand, marketed and sold in Japan during the late 80s and most of the 90s. Gibson-designed and Japanese-made excellent guitars were big hit in the domestic market for about 10 years until Gibson decided to unify Orville brand with Epiphone. Due to the quality, playability and rarity ObG is one of the highly sought-after vintages for Japan vintage guitar hunters.

Debates often found on web comparing ObG VS Orville (without Gibson in title). It is said ObG US pickup sounds louder and chunkier, whereas Orville's Japanese pickup plays delicate, especially in pitching high tone. As you see in the photo, this beautiful ObG features 2 x Gibson original PAF (patent no. 2,737,842).

To speak of cosmetics, formerly Bigsby-equipped body has left holes on the body under the tailpiece and on the bottom strap pin so I took the guitar to my favorite luthiers in ESP workshop Tokyo. They repaired including lacquer refinish on the body. Please ask me the detailed photos if required.

Seems like the knobs are not original but other than this, I have no comment on this mature vintage. The gorgeous brown hardshell case protects the guitar while she is being shipped to your home. Lastly, the letters N.C. decorated on the trussrod cover must be the initial of the previous owner. The Japanese manufacturer during 80's often did this service to the buyers.