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  •  SOLD  2009 Seventy Seven Albatross STD 1-S
    Innovative craftmanship
On sale is Seventy Seven Albatross Standard 1-S, built in 2009 by Headway (OEM) / Deviser guitars. The previous owner purchased this guitar from a local music shop last October. 1 Year warranty just over, but you must be generous enough for my labeling this guitar as mint itself. Fingerprint and 1mm thin scratches will be the only marks you may want to point out. Played only a few times home, a non-smoking environment.

I am reading the compliment reviews from the major online forums on Seventy Seven guitars, especially Albatross and Exrubato. The deeper resonance is commonly acclaimed and I agree as well in terms of the unique way they build their hollow bodies. As the detailed photo below indicates, this guitar has long center block caved on both sides, which I believe signifies resonance. This unique feature is not seen on any other Japan guitar makers. What an admirable craftsmanship!

This beautiful and sexy Cherry Red hollow body comes along with the genuine shiny hardshell case. Wish you a happy new year with new guitar!