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  •  SOLD  2009 Seventy Seven Albatross-STD 1-H
    Innovative Craftsmanship
On sale is Seventy Seven Albatross Standard 1-H, made by a virtuoso guitar builder Headway (OEM) / Deviser guitars in 2009. To those who are less familiar with Seventy Seven, simply check out any major online forums either on Albatross and Exrubato and you will see plenty of accolades about its impeccable craftsmanship. The deeper resonance is commonly acclaimed and I too agree with the unique way they build their hollow bodies as the guitar has long center block caved on both sides, which obviously signifies feedback. This unique feature is not seen on any other Japan guitar makers. An admirable craftsmanship, indeed.

Guitar is in fairly good condition without any visible dents / dings / lacquer wear, but the only mark-down would be the holes left from the original pickguard. I myself called the Seventy Seven HQ office to ask any stock of the pickguard but they don't seem to carry any inventory. Other than that, this guitar will best fit in your Japanese authentic hollow body collection.