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  •  SOLD  2010 Seventy Seven Exrubato Hollow-H
    An adorable jazz guitar
If you play jazz and haven't had Seventy Seven(77) with you, now's the chance. I myself have owned 4 guitars from 77 so far and I have no hesitation to pick Exrubato or Albatross as one of the jazz guitars. As namesake, the manufacturer was originated in 1977 when they started as Headway guitars. Their name changed currently to Deviser guitars and obviously, 77 is their flagship brand. For those who has less exposure of this brand.

So what's special about Exrubato? 16 inch compact body, no center block in place, thus looking and sounding close to Gibson ES-330 or Greco SA-550. Epiphone Casino also sounds similar but it rather has P90 pickups, FYI.

Condition-wise, it is still young from highly acclaimed Japan vintage perspective, and of course very well maintained. Detailed photos are attached below, so have a look and criticize please if you find anything suspicious. Lastly, the original hardshell case ships along. Can't be any better!