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  •  SOLD  2020 Seventy Seven Hawk-STD
    Deep-JT Japan Tune-Up
Founded in 1977, Headway guitars has become one of the finest acoustic guitar manufacturers in Japan and in recent years of 2006, they launched SeventySeven brand for the hollow body lineups. Hawk-STD series, put up here, is one of their Japan Tune-Up series where their laser focus on pro musician quality was reflected in every bit of the production. Their particular attention was paid at the ideal level of string action, rounding at fret edge for quick movement to higher frets, their original Alnico 2 pickups expressing splendid but crunch kicks, and finally C-shaped neck making your fingers freely dance along the frets all over the fingerboard.

The guitar is 2020-made in mint condition. With the original hardshell case coming along, there is nothing short of perfection on the guitar. The only thing she lacks is a smitten love from you.