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  •  SOLD  2008 Tokai ES-150
    Audacious challenger to 335
A series jazz player will never miss having a Tokai 335 in their collection. Here 2008 Tokai ES-150 in near mint condition, will surely delight you with its invincible quality and sound – excellent fit and finish, the best timbers and materials, and astonishing resonance of PAF Vintage MkII pickups are all the part s of the supreme craftsmanship and the reason why Tokai ES series are everlastingly sought after.

Speaking of playability, once I lay my fingers on the fertboard Tokai let dance flawlessly over the frets so nice and smooth. Laminated lacquer finish, matched up with tobacco burst surely sets this guitar as a qualified jazzbox. As for the cosmetics - turning to 12 years old but still staying pristine, the guitar shows virtually no signs of fret wear, buzz, and curvature. Well, in the photos below a thin, crack over one of the knobs, a good catch if you found, is all I have to claim as far as any degrade needs flagged up.

Lastly, a quick tip on interpretation of the model name - the numbers following the model names indicate the price after thousand such as JPY xxx,000. So the list price of this guitar when sold in Japan market was 150,000 yen, roughly around USD 1500.