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  •  SOLD  2014 Tokai ES-196
    Stunning Semi Hollow
Tokai semi hollow ES-196, 2014 model in mint condition is waiting for the new owner. As of now ES-196 sits at the very top of Tokai ES lineup, made out of the best timber combination of Flamed Maple body + Mahogany neck + Rosewood fingerboard, and features PAF Vintage MkII pickups with touching resonance.

Looking at the shape, I only see very minor scratches at the rear headstock top, other than that I would need a magnifier to identify any dent / ding / chip-off / crack or whatsoever.

So, to the interested buyer here's a quick tip on interpreting the model name - the numbers following the model names indicate the price after thousand such as JPY xxx,000. ES-185 can therefore be translated to 196000 yen in 2014 price, converting to USD 1742.