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  •  SOLD  2015 Tokai HES240
    Super Shop Limited Model
Please be excited, here comes a Tokai HES - the Super Shop Limited, the supreme grade of Tokai guitars. As a jazz guitarist, I myself am a huge fan of Tokai, not to mention their Reborn series, but their recent models equally amazes me. Now, the Super Shop Limited is namesake, the custom-made special edition. The astounding quality includes flame maple, the home-made pickup named The Fifty Nine Plus - the enhanced version of the Fifty Nine by bossting output to maximze the rich tonality. Speaking of lacquer, an extreme thin finish was applied, by reducing the depth by one third. Result? resonance of the hollow body goes beyond you imagination.

The heart melting soft and warm sound also comes from 1 piece mahogany and Madagascar rosewood, with the final touches of Delrin nut +Jescar frets. Conclusion: this is the culmination of Tokai-made Hollow Body. To the new owner, the original hardshell case flies along.