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  •  SOLD  1980 Tokai LS-100
    Legendary Tokai Les Paul Reborn Old
For those who are less familiar with Reborn Old label, here is a quick introduction on the golden era of Japan guitars. Late 70's to Early 80's, craftsmanship of Japanese guitar makers went on a par with or even outperformed Gibson / Fender. Greco Super Real, Burny by Fernandes, Ibanez and Navigator by ESP were as competitive as Tokai Reborn and all starting to earn supreme reputation from the western countries, let alone from their domestic market. What Japanese guitar markers excelled around those years was a thorough, carbon copy of Gibson and Fender. That sense, it was not surprising Tokai labeled its solid body guitar as Reborn Old, implying old Les Paul was born again with Tokai quality!

Their flagship model LS-100 is a honest copy of Gibson Les Paul 1958 model, featuring solid maple carved top + mahogany 1 piece, 43mm-wide nut (12th fret depth 52.5mm), fret-edge binding and PAF pickups. The obsession of the Japanese maker however, didn't live long, resulted in changing the label to Love Rock from their 1981 and later models.

So this rare 1980 Reborn Old stays in excellent condition with minor paint wear on the body bottom and other tiny scratches. Rating? maybe A-. Lastly, the genuine case ships along. Let me know if you want to be the new owner of this legendary package.