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  •  SOLD  1980 Tokai LS-50 Reborn Old
    Holy Grail of Tokai Les Paul
On sale is a decent quality Tokai Reborn Old LS-50, a carbon copy of Les Paul. 'Reborn Old' is even rarer among Tokai's rare Reborn models. Only introduced for short period in 1980, Reborn Old was soon handed over to Love Rock, to get around ever escalating pressure from Gibson lawsuit. The same threat was being faced to the Japanese rival Greco who proudly introduced Super Real series. Ibanez on the other hand, managed to graduate from lawsuit by changing their headstock design and started advertising their flagship Artist models. That sense year 1980 was very meaningful in Japan vintage guitar history.

With regard to the condition of this guitar, a bit of chips are found around the bottom left corner and thin crack on the right hand body top. The detailed photos follow so the concerned buyers may want to have a close look.

Fret wear is unavoidable considering 33 year of age. But other than that, all parts are functioning excellent and the gold top shines as if it is a brand new one. A gig bag will be shipped together with this historic vintage.