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  •  SOLD  1979 Tokai LS-50
    The Very Les Paul Reborn
Happy to introduce a much sought-after Tokai Les Paul LS-50, born in 1980, the golden era of Japan vintages. And here we have a Reborn label, the synonym of perfection as much as Greco's Super Real, or Burny's Super(Luper) Grade. A quick trivia on Tokai labeling - Reborn for about a couple years in late 70's, followed by Reborn Old for a year then moved on to Love Rocks. Also for quick comparison to LS-60 (, LS-50 has solid carved maple top whereas LS-60 features two-pieces.

While digging in the details of this guitar I came across an interesting blog written by a Japanese owning most of Tokai LS models. Back in late 70's where Japan was rapidly catching up with American guitar craftsmanship, Japan-made Les Pauls were still in lack of top-notched quality and design, until Tokai made sensational debut with its LS series at Tokyo Ochanomizu, the mecca of Japan guitar shops. What made them stand far out was the super-detailed catalog, describing every single bit of their manufacturing secrets. Les Paul geeks, mostly then college students of Japan baby boomers, read the catalog over and again as a bible. Affordable price was another surprise - Tokai LS sold at one tenth of Gibson LP 58 model. A game changer, indeed?

Describing the guitar conditions, I should say she stays gorgeous over multiple decades. Minor chips on top right corner of front body, also one in rear body. Moderate level of oxidation found and there is pickup guard. If you are not concerned, congratulations, you are the new owner of this hidden treasure. (Guitar solo in audio sample starts at 1:55)