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  •  SOLD  1980 Tokai LS-50
    LP resurrected in the name of Reborn
You’d hear either about ‘Reborn’ or ‘Reborn Old’ if you are a Tokai collector or a broader range Japan vintage seeker. To the excited Reborn lovers, here is a quick history in late 70’s of Japan guitar brands. In 1977 Gibson landed in Japan soil and it shocked all of the guitar players and makers in Japan. The postwar baby boomers started dreaming of owning a Les Paul and Japanese makers didn’t want to lose this chance by producing the same (or higher) quality LP at affordable price. Reborn, was thus born around the time in late 70’s that a growing demand surpassed the local supply. The promising sub-brands of Greco Super Real, Burny Super Grade and Ibanez Artist are the masterpieces which were introduced around that time to position themselves at up-class solid and hollow bodies.

Back to Reborn, it passed baton to Reborn Old in 1980, then to Love Rock in a couple years, followed by low cost centers of Korea & China factories. That said, a short-lived legendary Reborn is a must buy because the less and less available vintage will extinguish soon out of the market. If you agree with this, it will be acceptable that guitar has minor lacquer wear on the lower right bout and replacement of plastic covers of circuits on the rear body.