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  •  SOLD  2014 Tokai LS-MIJ 172
    Irresistible beauty of Vintage Flame
Up for sale is Tokai-made 2014 LP Miyaji Gakki special (MIJ in brand name comes from this name). Miyaji Music(Gakki in Japan) is one of the largest music retailers in Japan, to whom Tokai has been providing their top-notched guitars as limited edition. '172' along with the model name is the unit number.

Excellent response from maple top and mahogany body are multiplied by impressive tonality of PAF-Vintage MK2×2. To verify the sound, have a listen to the sample audio clip. Guitar solo starts around 1:40.

In terms of the guitar condition, this near-perfect solid body is now selling at huge discount due to some chip-offs found around the rear end of body bottom. Magnified photos attached below, so your judgment please. This is surely acceptable considering the magnificent quality of world's second-to-none craftsmanship. A genuine gig bag ships along to the new owner.