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  •  SOLD  1985 Tokai SD-65
    Super Edition Stratocaster
To Tokai vintager seekers, this creamy Stratocaster may attract you with very unique feature of Shift 2001, also known as Washburn Wonderbar by Answer Acoustic Lab. This sensational top mount tremolo bridge required no holes drilled into guitar body, thus minimized loss of resonation and delivered long sustain. Tokai named this monster a Super Bending Machine. With that, their 1985 catalog expressed their enthusiasm, promoting ‘SD-65 limited release which was delivered with confidence to musicians all over the world. The power of the SHIFT2001, which surpasses all other vibrato units on earth, will not only revolutionize the contemporary music scene, but will also bring about a timeless monster sound.’ Key features of SHIFT2001 includes independent adjustment of the vibrato per string, adjustable intonation, string height, arm angle. And as you see, it is obviously influenced by Floyd Rose tremolo.

Speaking of the condition, U-shaped neck delivers smooth but quick attack. All parts functioning ok. No visible cracks or dings. A bit of dust piled on the tremolo machine and minor lacquer wear along the fret edges but they must be ignorable considering 40 years have passed since its production. Having said, I am certain this amazing vintage will deliver much joy and delight to you!