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  •  SOLD  1968 Yamaha AE-11
    1st Generation Full Hollow Body
So excited to share a legendary Japan hollow body AE-11 from Yamaha. Along with its thinline hollow body of SA 2 digit series, AE-11 made a sensational debut in 1967 and was loved by the blues and jazz fans all over the world till its son AE 4 digit series took over in 1978.

Taking a different step from the promising Japanese guitar brands - Ibanez, Greco and Tokai just to name a few - in turning to 70's, Yamaha prided themselves of its authentic design and architecture, including the upright split trapezoid inlays, knobs at the same height, and aesthetic creation of tailpiece. It sounds more true than lying in that sense, that Wes Montgomery was also tempted owning a copy.

The guitar listed here is by far in the best quality I've had among the guitars made in 60's. The metal parts in particular leaves little sign of scratch or oxidation, as if it is just released from long rental at Japan guitar museum. You may be equally amazed by its nostalgic sound, playing a bit dry but bright tonality. It is simply an irresistible vintage, can't help falling in love.

To those who agree, I will ship the guitar with the genuine hardshell case, which you would hardly find anywhere in the world these days.