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  •  SOLD  1980 Yamaha AE-1200
    Legendary Full Hollow, L5 Lawsuit Clone
A very fine Yamaha hollow body AE-1200 with its original hardshell case. Interpreting the date stamped on the bottom of the pickups, it is 1980 production (Dating hint: date stamp 55.x.x meaning Japanese Showa calendar year 55 = Showa staring year 1925 + 55 = 1980). Pickup covers replaced with brand new nickels. Tailpiece and bridge screw carries a bit of oxidation but negligible, considering the overall guitar condition of grace and excellence. Push push pots are only found in high-end hollow bodies of Yamaha and AE-1200 is not an exception. Resonant and toneful sound coupled with multiple choice of humbucking and single coil sets the guitar as an ideal instrument for jazz and blues. A quick note on the other remarkable specs -
spruce body / maple side and back with ebony fretboard, plus Grover imperial tuners for stability. Can't expect more from this treasure.

For those who may want to hear the history of this guitar - after seeing the commercial success of their virgin full hollow bodies AE-11 / AE-12 and AE-18, Yamaha spent 2 years developing this state of the luthier's art full hollow body guitar at a time when Gibson and Fender were taking legal action against the Japanese guitar makers because they were 'too damned good'. Their endless effort and obsession to perfection resulted in releasing their flagship hollow body AE-1200 and AE-2000 in 1978. Specifically, AE-1200 seemingly took over the same DNA of AE-12 with renovation done at the headstock / inlay / tailpiece and fretboard timber upgraded from rosewood to ebony. This best seller has long run till 1989, at which time AE-1500 took its honorable place in the realm of Yamaha hollow body...