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  •  SOLD  1985 Yamaha AE-2000
    Voice of Acoustic / Dedicated to Jazz
Yamaha AE-2000 Full Hollow Body was a top of the line jazz archtop from 1978 onwards until in the 1990s. Modeled after the Gibson L5, this guitar features remarkable specs of carved spruce top, set maple neck and 20-fret bound ebony fingerboard with diagonally split block inlays. This beauty was loved and played by the prominent jazz players like Joe Beck, Bireli Lagrene and Martin Taylor.

For those who may be interested in what distinguishes from AE-1200, AE-2000 has carved top whereas AE-1200 has arched single ply top. Grenadilla, or African Blackwood, mostly used for clarinet body, is the source of AE-2000 bridge while AE-1200 features Ebony bridge.

Remaining intact for 30 years should be the best phrase in explaining the condition of this guitar. Scratches and oxidation were unavoidable but rubbing the rusty metal by steel wool, coupled with body cleaner and lemon oil polish turned her into a magnificient vintage. To the new owner, the original hardshell case comes along.