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  •  SOLD  1968 Yamaha AE11
    1st Generation Full Hollow Body
Hello Yamaha vintage lovers, here I have a back-to-the-future 1967 hollow body to delight you with! A short history on Yamaha guitar chronology - AE11 was introduced in 1967 as the first full hollow body of Yamaha guitars. It lasted till early 70’s before the next generation of AE-1200 and AE-1800 took over the family tree in 1978.

The guitar features the authentic design and architecture, including the upright split trapezoid inlays, knobs at the same height, and aesthetic creation of tailpiece. Hence the rumor goes that Wes Montgomery was also tempted owning a copy.

Speaking of the maintenance, the guitar stays young and in good shape over half a century. Pickguard is missing, bridge seemingly not original, and you wouldn’t argue about minor scratches and metal part oxidation. In terms of playability she is ready for stage gig straight away, expresses 70’s nostalgic sound and plays a bit dry but bright tonality. Lastly, I am happy to answer any questions on the condition and welcome to the request for additional photos. Thanks for your watching!