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  •  SOLD  1982 Yamaha AE1200
    Audacious 17" Full Jazz Box
Thrilled to introduce a rare beauty of Yamaha full hollow body! As a huge fan of Yamaha hollow bodies, I guarantee their SA (semi hollow) and AE(full hollow) will delight you as much as it does to me. This L5 size full jazz box obviously fits in jazz but also blues and crossover players. The wide range of expressiveness is achievable by their Push-push toggle, which can only be found in their high end models of SA/SG/AE. It lets you play variety of tonalities in combination of neck / bridge pickups + humbucker / single coil.

In terms of cosmetics, this 42 year-old guitar survived with moderate degree of oxidation, leaving a bit of patina trace. Tuner labels on top are missing, and there seems to be a thin crack at the lower part of bridge, however she is still graceful and adorable to me. Lastly, a hardshell case will ship along to make sure of the safe journey to your doorstep.