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  •  SOLD  1983 Yamaha SA-1800
    Arched Spruce Solid Top Super Axe
Yamaha SA hollow bodies have repeatedly been cited in numerous vintage guitar forums as cost-effective alternative of 335, or even plays and sounds better. Here SA-1800 on the listing is the higher class model in Yamaha SA lineup, featuring arched spruce solid top, ebony fretboard, mahogany neck and Spinex pickups, which are inherited same from its top of the range model SA-2500. The main difference is hardware and body binding cosmetics are done in gold for SA-2500 whereas SA-1800 has chrome hardware and simplified / omitted binding design.

Dating the guitar indicates it is manufactured in 1983. Over-30 years of matured timber generates deep and warm resonance. Neck is straight and no visible damage done on the guitar, except natural oxidation on chrome parts. I am open to provide you with additional photos if you want to explore detail part of this guitar. All parts are original, including the Yamaha's genuine hardshell case. If you haven't owned Yamaha SA yet, you wouldn't want to miss this chance.