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  •  SOLD  1979-80 Yamaha SA-2000
    Cornerstone of Yamaha Jazz Guitars
Here we have one of the finest Japan-made 335, Yamaha's SA-2000. With her unique combination of maple top, beech + birch rim and back, plus Alnico I pickups, SA-2000 distinguishes herself from the other semi hollows.

The guitar stays in fine condition but concerned buyer would want to look around the thin crack along the right neck and the middle area of fretboard is 1mm (0.04') from the neck. Photos have been taken and attached below for better explanation. Initially I myself doubted the playability due to the fret issue but I hardly felt any discomfort when playing. A sample tune has been record to prove how it sounds, so please check out.

So my verdict on this guitar is a decent vintage with good care taken. Shipping along is the genuine case, slightly old and torn but still manageable.