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  •  SOLD  1978 Yamaha SA-2000
    Crown jewel of Japan hollow body craftsmanship
Here we are witnessing one of the finest Japan-made 335, Yamaha's SA-2000. With her unique combination of maple top, beech + birch rim and back, plus Alnico I pickups, SA-2000 distinguishes herself from the other semi hollows.

The guitar stays in fine condition. Nut was worn out so replaced with brand new, costing about $80. The luthier set up the guitar when he fixed up the nut. As a result, neck straight, and no issue on action / intonation. Still, a concerned buyer would want to look at the rear neck. The previous owner had to get the broken part glued. Right now I am playing this guitar for my weekly jazz gig and as a proof of how lovely it sounds, you may want to have a listen to a sample audio clip taken from my live.

So if you have affection on this graceful beauty I ship along the genuine gigbag, which would finish up the stylish vintage. (In sample music clip I played with Line 6 Amp, Clean mode)