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  •  SOLD  1981 Yamaha SA-2000S
    Solid Spruce Top Real Jazz Box
This fabulous Antique Stain Japanese made SA-2000S is one of the rarest of all and highly desirable both as a collector and as an alternative to the Gibson 335. Arguably the finest 335 ever made bar none.

The last letter 'S' in SA-2000S stands for Solid to highlight the type of build - the carved solid Spruce was used on body top, whereas SA-2000 had pressed multi ply of Birch timber. SA-2000S' spruce top also distinguish itself from the maple top of SA-2000.

Condition-wise, lacquer wear is found mostly around the body bottom including a thin crack along the jack outlet and bridge pickup tone knob. Dent of 2cm length is also seen on the rear neck.

According to the previous owner, who was a professional player, some of the parts have been replaced - neck pickup with Duncan SH-1n '59, bridge pickup Duncan SH-1b '59, and tuner pegs with pricey Grover pegs. He also admits replacing the tone knob capacitor with Sprague Orange Drop 0.22uF. Too much detail maybe? Putting the customized knobs disabled push-push toggle.

You may notice heavy discount has been applied for this guitar. The cosmetic damage and parts customization was obviously considered for mark-down. Additionally, the replaced tuner pegs left holes of the former pegs which concerned me so I had a local guitar tech refinish the rear headstock, but while applying the finish, the luthier noticed the serial numbers removed. My apology to the collectors. Nonetheless, the rarity and superior quality of this guitar wouldn't stop you bidding.