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  •  SOLD  1981-82 Yamaha SA-2000S
    Solid Spruce Top Real Jazz Box
This fabulous Antique Stain Japanese made SA2000S is one of the rarest of all and highly desirable both as a collector and as an alternative to the Gibson 335. Arguably the finest 335 ever made bar none.

The last letter 'S' in SA-2000S stands for Solid to highlight the type of build - the carved solid Spruce was used on body top, whereas SA-2000 had pressed multi ply of Birch timber. SA-2000S' spruce top also distinguish itself from the maple top of SA-2000.

Another feature that most don't notice is the tone knobs. When on 10 they're out of the circuit for maximum brightness but turn them to 9 or below and they work like normal tone controls. Cool option if you need a more biting tone but also really cool if you need to tame the brightness a bit.

Looking through the detailed photos below, you would notice a bit of fret wear and some scratches on the lower bout of the front body / rear neck. Those 1 cm long, minor dent and/or scratch are also seen on the top right hand cutaway, nonetheless this over-thirty year vintage can be classified as decent level of maintenance done. A luxury leather softcase SG-Z/BLK GigBag is a bonus to the highest bidder who appreciate the real beauty of this legendary instrument.