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  •  SOLD  1979 Yamaha SA-2000S
    Solid Spruce Top Real Jazz Box
Attention to solid top hollow body seekers! This fabulous Antique Stain Japanese made SA-2000S is one of the rarest of all and highly desirable both as a collector and as an alternative to the Gibson 335. Arguably the finest 335 ever made bar none.

The last letter 'S' in SA-2000S stands for Solid to highlight the type of build - the carved solid Spruce was used on body top, whereas SA-2000 (without S) had pressed multi ply of Birch timber. SA-2000S' spruce top also distinguishes itself from the maple top of SA-2000.

Another feature that most don't notice is the tone knobs. When on 10 they're out of the circuit for maximum brightness, while turning them to 9 or below works like normal tone controls. Cool option if you need a more biting tone but also really cool if you need to tame the brightness a bit.

Looking through the detailed photos below, you would find the guitar stay in tact for 35 years with excellent maintenance done. Hardly worn frets and all parts being original even including the original hardshell case would surely offset the natural oxidation on the hardware and the light fogging over the body which is commonly found among Yamaha guitars.

So this guitar has nothing short to mesmerize you. Are you ready to be the new owner of this legendary instrument?