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  •  SOLD  1983 Yamaha SA-2500
    Culmination of Yamaha Semi Hollows
Let me start with warning you. Should you miss this one you would have to wait for another year or two until you see SA2500 put up for bid again. Compared to Yamaha's famous semi hollow SA1000 or SA2000, due to the highest price tag and thereby less aggressive overseas marketing SA2500 is rarely found and in that context you have must be very lucky to be the owner of this guitar.

Looking through the specification of SA2500, I can sense Yamaha assorted the top quality wood and lavish materials to categorize this guitar as the highest class. Arched top with beech and birch laminated, mahogany neck, gold plated hardware, ebony fretboard, and what is more, 2 x humbucker pickups with 3 way toggle switch + push-pull button (by literally pushing and pulling rear tone button) for coil tap / splitting. You wouldn't be bored playing different colours, from mellow and calm to wild and loud.

Manufactured in 1983 Japan (serial number: 107340), this guitar have passed 30 years of time with just a couple of scratches. Burgundy red still shining vivid, and hardware and tuning pegs has hardly any rust. Apart from the scratches, one of the pegs was missing and replaced with silver peg, which is the only part I have to mention before declaring the high quality of maintenance.