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  •  SOLD  1983 Yamaha SA-2500
    Where Yamaha craftsmanship reaches climax
Rock/Jazz players and vintage collectors, should you miss this one you would have to wait for several months until you see another one appearing on the market. SA-2500 is arguably one of the finest Japan-made hollow bodies. Greco SA-1200, Japan-made D'aquisto or D'angelico would be on a par with SA-2500? My opinion.

Specs: arched top with beech and birch laminated, mahogany neck, gold plated hardware, ebony fretboard, and what is more, 2 x humbucker pickups with 3 way toggle switch + push-push coil tab/splitting. You wouldn't be bored playing different tonality, from mellow and calm to wild and loud. The main differentiator of SA-2500 should be beech/birch mix of top and Spinex pickups which provides deep feedback, long sustain + high output + vintage sound. Spinex is found only at SA-2500 and SG-3000 from Yamaha models. Correct me if I am wrong.

Manufactured in 1983 Japan (serial number: 107340), this guitar stays in tact, however fogging, which commonly appears on Yamaha vintages, is all around the body. This is obviously cosmetic only, and not affecting the sound and playability of the guitar. The original hardsehll case is shipped together. I am currently being asked by a guitarist of UK progressive rock band. If you are keen, you need to outbid. Good luck!