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  •  SOLD  1968 Yamaha SA-50
    Where JP semi hollow has begun
Legendary Yamaha SA-50, the frontier of Japan-made semi hollow debuted in 1967, the same year that the highly sought-after SA-30 was released. Among Yamaha's semi hollow line-up, SA-50 followed SA-5 (1966) and SA-30 (Jun 1967), according to its release in Jul 1967. In their brochure Yamaha proudly advertised Yamaha SA series featured so-called 'adjustable neck', which I believe referred to adjustable truss rod. Till then the truss rod had been made from wood, thus not adjustable. Replacing this with steel-based one was thought of as break-through technology. These first generations of Yamaha semi hollows continued with newer models such as SA-15 (May 1968) and SA-20 (Oct 1968), followed by half decade of gap before they gave up hockey stick shaped headstock and introduced more modern, symmetric design (trying not copy Gibson's bookmark headstock but getting closer..)

Please note this guitar dates in 1968. Looking very fresh, she is graceful 45 years young. I can't help admiring the obsessive way of maintenance done by the previous owner. Minor ding on the rear body and left neck (around mid frets) are the only spots you would notice. Lastly, a brand new gig bag comes along.