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  •  SOLD  1968 Yamaha SA-50
    Where JP semi hollow has begun
Legendary vintage Yamaha SA-50 in museum class of pristine condition is looking for a new owner. For those who are less familiar with SA-50, the frontier of Japan-made semi hollow made her debut in 1967, the same year that the highly sought-after SA-30 was released. Among Yamaha's semi hollow line-up, SA-50 followed the ancestry of SA-5 (1966) and SA-30 (Jun 1967). These first generations of Yamaha semi hollows handed down its gene to newer models of SA-15 (May 1968) and the very twelve string SA-20 (Oct 1968), followed by half decade of gap before they gave up hockey stick-shaped headstock and introduced more modern and symmetric design which obviously seemed to be inspired by Gibson’s but not as carbon-copying as other Japan brands including Greco, Ibanez and Tokai.

As for the maintenance, I had hard time to pick any notable sign of aging and am still wondering how an instrument made half a century ago still stays mint and shiny. Missing pickguard and the shorter rubber tip of tremolo arm, if you are picky enough to comment, are the only degradable marks, otherwise this guitar deserves 10 out of 10.

And the bonus – a rare original hard case flies along but I am sorry, the plastic handle of the case has been taken off and this was my 3rd finding as far as the cosmetics are concerned, after spending hours of inspecting this irresistible beauty.