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  •  SOLD  1976 Yamaha SA-60
    Catching up with modern semi hollow design
Collectors & players, a nice little vintage of 1976 Yamaha SA-60 is looking for a new owner. With superb maintenance done, the guitar has very little scratch, wear or oxidation, looking as if she came straight out of the museum. Apart from the chip-off on the ivory nut, this half a century old guitar still stays in her pristine shape, which is just amazing.

A quick story behind Yamaha semi hollow, SA series: in 1967 Yamaha has started introducing rather immature but authentic designs, firstly SA-5, SA-15, SA-20 and most famously, SA-30. Then a decade passes till this SA-60 showcased with more trendy design, including symmetric-shaped headstock, featuring 4 knobs (all the previous models equipped with 3 knobs)+ humbucker pickups and modern tailpiece. This eventually led to Yamaha's iconic semi hollows of SA-1000, SA-2000 and SA-2500 down the road. That said, if you are a Yamaha fan, you woudln't want to miss SA-60 as it marks a milestone in the triumphant history of Yamaha craftsmanship.