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  •  SOLD  1968 Yamaha SA-70
    1st Generation of Yamaha Bass
A decent vintage of Yamaha SA-70 is looking for a caring and enthusiastic bassist. Borrowing the terms from their catalog in late 60’s, this instrument enlivens music by soft tonality but powerful output, hereby the catch phrase being ‘deliver the pulse of music’.

Muffled f holes, 3 knobs with balancer are common from the earlier models of Yamaha semi hollow body guitars (SA-30 and SA-50) and bass (SA-70). An interesting structure on SA-70 is 2 tier bridge, where the bottom part adjusts the foundation and the upper part, stuffed with sponge, further adjusts the height in granular level. Again according to Yamaha’s then brochure, the strings are muted by the sponge to produce a true string bass sound of ideally limited sustain and feedback.

When it comes to maintenance, a fairly good maintenance has been done at this instrument over half a decade, evidencing no major damage shown at all across the guitar. And you will be even more delighted when the guitar arrives at your door step with its genuine hardshell case. Thanks for your interest!