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  •  SOLD  1978-1983 Yamaha SA-700
    A wishing item for every Jazz/Blues player
Center block throughout the body sustains the attack and produces warm and beefy sound. Generally excellent condition except dents on the rear body and headstock edges. Discount applied for this, otherwise it would've easily had $800 price tag at least.

For those who are curious about the specs across Yamaha Semi hollow bodies, here's a quick comparison among the representative models SA-700, SA-1000, SA-2000 and SA-2500:

SA-700: Rosewood fretboard, A-III pickups
SA-1000: Ebony fretboard, A-II pickups
SA-2000: Ebony fretboard, A-I pickups, gold tuners, push-pull tone knobs
SA-2500: Ebony fretboard, Spinex pickups, gold tuners, push-push tone knobs

SA-700 has 2 x A-III (AlNiCo-III) magnets pickups. A-III Magnetic field strength is lower than A-II and A-I, thus it generates lower output with very soft attack and warm vintage tone. It also implies string pull from the pickup is lower as well, hence there are more string vibrations enough for more sustain in highs and lows, while limiting mid-range tones. Overall, A-III offers soft but richer and slightly bolder sound.

This sexy persimmon red semi hollow is shipped worldwide, packed with a gig bag.