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  •  SOLD  1978 Yamaha SA1200S
    Crossover Player for Jazz & Fusion
On sale is a rare vintage of Yamaha semi hollow SA1200S, where S in its model name stands for solid top, also applied for SA2000S. The major difference between SA1200S and SA2000S is nickel vs gold-colored chrome hardware, and maple vs beech on side/back timber. Some of Japanese forums compare SA1200S fitting best in fusion against SA2000S suited for jazz, but solid spruce top of SA1200S is equally appealing the jazz guitar seekers.

Bi-sound feature, also known as push-push tone selector, is the prestige feature on Yamaha's higher end guitars and SA1200S joins the same league. Versatile single coil vividly contrasts fat and cheesy humbucker. Whichever is selected though, solid spruce top, mahogany neck and ebony fingerboard resonates with excellent response and feedback.

Condition-wise, the guitar doesn't have visible major cracks or dents. I see minor scratches on the body but they are negligible. Fogginess, the famous issue of Yamaha vintges, are seen on this guitar but the color of burgundy nicely covers them up. Final word - SA1200S is such a lovable hollow body!