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  •  SOLD  1977 Yamaha SA1200S
    Crossover Player for Jazz & Fusion
On sale is a rare vintage of Yamaha semi hollow SA1200S, where S in its model name stands for solid top, also applied for SA2000S (difference between SA1200S and SA2000S: nickel vs gold-colored chrome hardware and maple vs beech on side/back timber). The common feature is bi-sound toggle, also known as push-push tone selector: switching between impressive single coil and fat, cheesy humbucker. Whichever is selected, the combination of solid spruce top, mahogany neck and ebony fingerboard resonates with excellent response and feedback.

Condition-wise, the guitar is in good maintenance with little traces of visible dings or dents. A few things to comment though – moderate fret wear, around 50% in my opinion, and vertical lines of lacquer cracks near the input jack.

Lastly, the original hardshell case come along as a bonus but please note the wrapping black paper is starting to be taken off. All the evidences are photo-taken, and I welcome your inquiry for any further details.