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  •  SOLD  1984 Yamaha SA1300
    An Upclass Super Axe
Thrilled to introduce you a truly hidden gem of Japan vintage, Yamaha SA1300! It is my first time encountering this little known SA model since I started digging deep in Japan hollow bodies 10 years ago. On the Yamaha’s mid 80’s catalogs, SA1300 seemed to be advertised as an upscale version of SA1000, bridging between the multi-ply wood top and the solid carved top (SA2000 or SA2500). Particularly interesting was the body timbers of SA1300, placing Birch top and Beech back in combination, which is commonly found in their higher-end sisters of SA2000 and SA2500. You may ask what about SA1200 – it sort of comes down from a different family tree, where the body is laminated maple, some of them made with solid top, and some of them made Not in Japan (made in Taiwan).

To assess the maintenance of this rare beauty, she is in adorable condition, showing no dents, dings, cracks or whatsoever. Also good news – the chronic issue of fogginess on Yamaha hollow/solid bodies does not apply to this guitar. This led me to suppose, most likely the guitar has instantly attracted a wannabe musician 40 years ago and since been forgotten in the corner of a music room. Finally, the lucky owner will also receive the genuine hardshell case by Yamaha. What else can we expect more!