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  •  SOLD  1983 Yamaha SA1800
    Arched Spruce Solid Top Super Axe
Another Yamaha SA series to list up! Their hollow bodies have repeatedly been cited in numerous vintage guitar forums as cost-effective alternative of 335. Having said, SA-1800 on the listing here is the higher end model in Yamaha SA lineup featuring arched spruce solid top, ebony fretboard, mahogany neck and Spinex pickups, which inherit the same gene of SA-2500. The main difference between them is hardware and body binding cosmetics done in gold for SA-2500 whereas SA-1800 has chrome and simplified binding design.

The guitar dates from 1983. Over-40 years of matured timber generates deep and warm resonance. Neck is straight and not a major dent/ding/crack found on the guitar. All parts are original except the knobs and tuner pots. If you are a high-end Yamaha SA fan, you’ve seen many of SA2000, SA2500 or SA1200S, but I can tell you the next time you will see SA1800 will be when human start residing in the moon.