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  •  SOLD  1978 Yamaha SA2000
    Crown jewel of Japan hollow body craftsmanship
Here we are witnessing one of the finest Japan-made 335, Yamaha's SA-2000. With her unique combination of maple top, beech + birch rim and back, plus Alnico I pickups, SA-2000 distinguishes herself from the other semi hollows. Many of Japanese guitar forums accolades rich mid tone in particular, not to mention warm and soft resonance, which makes the guitar fit in all over the genres.

The guitar stays in excellent condition. Fogginess, which is normally shown on Yamaha vintage guitars, does not appear anywhere on the body. Apart from the moderate level of metal part oxidation, this beauty survived over 40 years, staying in tact with gracefulness. In summary the guitar will surely deliver you a huge delight.