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  •  SOLD  2002 Yamaha SAS-1500
    Small Body, Giant Features
Simply put, Yamaha SAS-1500 showcases the ideal marriage of hollow body 335 features and solid body Les Paul size. Compact body is put together with arched mahogany top / back / side and maple + spruce center block. It effectively absorbs the feedback while enhancing sustain.

Push & push switches at tone knobs are another distinguishable features of Yamaha SA/SAS high end guitars. Pushing front / rear tone knob toggles single coil vs Humbucker, enabling multiple layers of tonality. This fantastic mix can deliver wide range of genre, from jazz, blues to r&b and rock. To boost the vintage sound, the pickups are replaced with Bartolini.

To speak of condition, this guitar defines the term 'mint' itself. If you are generous enough for the natural aging wear of the gold parts, you will apparently be delighted with the exceptional maintenance throughout the body, neck, frets and hardware. Nothing short of stage working condition.

You haven't come across this guitar often, as Yamaha sells SAS-1500 at domestic market only. Thus you wouldn't want to let this rare chance pass without bidding. This beauty comes along with a hardshell case.