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  •  SOLD  1988 Yamaha SAS-II
    Push Push Petit Pretty
Thrilled to introduce a compact hollow body SAS-II from Yamaha! The last time I owned the same model was 10 years ago. I have come across a few of SAS-1500 but SAS-II has been keeping herself away from me!

SAS-II inherited the same gene of Yamaha SAS series featuring small hollow body + center block, so you may say she looks similar to Ibanez AM200/205 and Gibson ES-339/CS-336, but push-push pot at the tone knob toggling multi-tonality of humbucker and single coil stands SAS-II out from the competitors. For a quick comparison to Gibson, Yamaha SAS-1500 & Gibson CS-336 are carved from a single piece of mahogany wood whereas both SAS-II and ES-339 feature laminated timbers. On further trivia for SAS-II vs SAS-1500, EMG pickups + Rosewood fretboard + 1 set of volume/tone in SAS-II is replaced by Spinex pickups + Ebony fretboard + 2 sets of knobs in SAS-1500.

In terms of maintenance I have nothing much to say since the photos speak themselves. In conclusion, this small but powerful body with about the same size of Les Paul perfectly fits for the players seeking the lighter alternative of their sizable 335 hollow bodies and with greater playing comfort provided, you will find your fingers freely dance along the frets.