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  •  SOLD  2009 Yamaha SAS1500
    Compact Hollow Meets Powerful Solid
A rarely-found Yamaha SAS1500 on sale to the compact hollow body fans worldwide. Marketed in Japan domestic market only back in the day of production, you don’t see this antique violin finish guitar as often as other Yamaha SA series. This beautiful piece symbolizes the ideal marriage of compact hollow body and powerful solid body. The body features arched mahogany top / back / side and maple + spruce center block, hence effectively absorbs the feedback while enhancing sustain.

Push & push switches at tone knobs are another distinguishable feature of Yamaha SA & SAS high-end guitars. Pushing front / rear tone knob toggles single coil vs Humbucker, enabling multiple layers of tonality. This fantastic mix, boosted by SAH SAIIG (AlNiCo V) pickups which are also equipped in SA2200, can deliver wide range of genre ranging from jazz, blues to R&B and rock.

To speak of condition, the guitar prides herself on excellent maintenance but has a little bit of dent and scratches on the bottom. Magnified photos are taken for your detailed look. You may also notice the inlay of 12th fret has been reshaped as a lotus flower, to deliver the message of love and compassion…