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  •  SOLD  1968 Yamaha SB-1C
    Flying Banana Bass
A yummy banana is on sale! Wow what a design. This lovely vintage is so lovely and cute that I can’t get my eyes off. Made in 1968, she made a sensational debut with her twin sister SG guitar series to domestic market, thus she got the nickname of Flying Banana (in Japanese she was also called Nasubi, i.e. eggplant) while the similar design of hockey stick head SG guitars were called Flying Samurai.

With much historic value earned, she survived over half a century with no cracks of dings. The photos reveal lacquer wears, which should be acceptable for 55 year-old guitar. She still plays impressive bass resonating from the single coil. One minor warning though, due to her elegant shape you may find the instrument sliding away from your lap when playing on a chair. Well it is a purely different story when you play slinging over your shoulder. She will look so nice and your playing missing notes won’t be noticed by audience because they will simply be amazed by this hypnotic flying banana!