Sharpened Flat logo 2016
  •  SOLD  1982 Yamaha SG-1500
    Premium Les Paul solid body
Showcased here, SG-1500 has inherited the same prototype and architecture from Yamaha's flagship solid body SG-2000. Major difference is fretboard, where SG-2000 features Ebony while SG-1500 has Rosewood. Some internet forums argue SG-1500 features dot inlay and chrome hardware, but here you see the variety, equipped with trapezoid inlay + gold hardware. And you may have heard about Push-push knobs, which enables tonality toggle between humbucking and single coil.

Please note I had a local luthier reprint the YAMAHA logo (with original lacquer) on the headstock as it was sctached by the previous owner. Other scratches are found around the bottom left corner of the body and the back. A little bit of whitening on the front body is the characteristic wear of Yamaha solid body / hollow bodies. These are all I found as mark-downs. Other are fine and shiny.

Guitar is to be shipped in a softcase. Huge bargain don't miss this chance!