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  •  SOLD  1981 Yamaha SG-1500
    Flagship Solid body from Yamaha
Showcased here, SG-1500 has inherited the same prototype and architecture from Yamaha's flagship solid body SG-2000. Major difference is fretboard, where SG-2000 features Ebony while SG-1500 has Rosewood.

An experienced Yamaha player would immediately notice this 1981 model does have little fogginess, which explains maintenance well done over the last 37 years. Also interestingly, the guitar has no holes drilled for pickup guard. Must be a custom model? To the keen buyer of this beauty, the vintage of original gigbag comes along.

Some more info about SG-1500: certain internet forums argue SG-1500 features dot inlay and chrome hardware, but here you see the variety, equipped with trapezoid inlay + gold hardware. And you may have heard about Push-push knobs, which enables tonality toggle between humbucking and single coil.